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Mafia City Beginners Guide

By coRpSE

This here is a brief beginner guide to Mafia City where I will go over some tips and tricks to help you build up faster. I will not cover stuff like building farming accounts and what not, but rather just teach you some basic things you can do to overall grow faster and get stronger.

If you have ever played any strategy games like Dawn of Titans, Clash of Kings, ect..., then you should be able to easily understand the mechanics of this game. Building up your city, train troops, join a clan and work together, complete tasks, and of course, conquer enemy cities. In Mafia City, at the beginning of the game, you just have to complete the objectives to finish the chapters.

First, we are going to go over the different types of buildings. Just note, to build some of these buildings and upgrading them requires you to meet a minimum requirement. If you don't meet the minimum requirement, you will see what you need to do by it highlight what you need do in red.

  • Mansion

The mansion is the main building in the game. Upgrading Mansion unlocks new buildings, feature and increases the robbing speed. As you progress, the amount or the number of resources will increase, so it would be best to upgrade the other buildings at the same time.
EG. Cargo Hub, Counterfeiter, Wall, ect...

  • Invest Center

Invest Center is one of the main buildings. As all of you know that training takes time, cargo & other resources are used in many upgrades, and your crew’s power matters a lot in battles; so, to improve overall performance[training speed, income from resources, power, attack, and more), go to invest center, then choose one of the properties and invest. It is one of the best ways to increase your gang power. Keep investing. Upgrading Invest Center unlocks new properties.

  • Cargo Hub

This is one of the main resources you need to build your city.

  • Counterfeiter

This is another main resource that is mostly used for building troops.

  • Hospital

Hospital is a place where the wounded units/troops are being treated. You send your troops to attack enemies, after the battle, you have to heal injured troops so that they can battle again. You can not treat unlimited numbers of troops at a time as there is a fixed limit, upgrade the hospital to increase the total wounded capacity.

  • Radar

Radar has two functions, spy and enemy status. It informs you the name of crime ops leader and their destination, can detect enemy's resources amount, number of enemy's defense crews, weapons, and more. Upgrade it to know more about the enemies and for the alerts.

  • Club

To increase the training speed and training capacity, you have to upgrade the club. Upgrade all the clubs you have built in your Mafia City to increase the training speed & capacity.

  • Diner

You can not send all the crews to attack enemies, there is a fixed limit/capacity. To send more troops to attack enemies, upgrade this building. Upgrading diner increases the maximum crime ops crew’s capacity.

  • Pawnbroker

This is the place where you can exchange the equipment. Upgrading the Pawnbroker building increases the exchanging speed and reduces the consumption of checks.

  • Vault

This building protects your resources. Upgrade it to increase its protection strength.

  • Black Market

Here you can exchange resources for gold and other rewards. Check it every day for best offers.

  • Bootleg Market

Here you can trade resources with other members. Upgrading it increases the supply limits while lowering the tax rate.

  • Weaponry

The place where arms are produced and stored. Upgrading it will both increase production and storage compacity.

  • Smelter

Smelter produces metal. Upgrade it to increase the speed of production and the storing capacity.

Tips & Tricks

How to get the most free boost you can.

Boost are items in game that will in one way or another boost something within your city, might it be your resources growth, defense, your troop attacks, ect...
There are may things that can be done to get free boost, and I will go over them in this section. Doing these things every day is worth it in the long run, especially if your new to the game and wanting to build fast.


In this game, there is a building that you will build called the Pawnbroker. This pawnbroker building allows you to craft equipment using gems. The better the quality of gem, the better quality of the equipment.

Please, don't do what I did with my main account, and just make any piece of equipment and put it on. Only use gold gems to make gold equipment. Yes, that means you will need to do a lot of synthesizing of your gems, but if you are patient, then you will be better off, trust me.

It is a lot harder and more and likely improbable to be able to "upgrade" your equipment level lets say from purple to gold. It is possible, but usually at a higher cost than just starting that line over.

Collecting Resources

I know most of you probably just click on them and gather up all the resources fast and easily, but what you may not know is that if you press and hold on the first one, and drag your finger around all your resources, you get a "Combo" bonus which will award you with boost and experience. You can only do this a limited amount of time per day, and be sure to get as high of a combo each time as you can for the higher it is, the higher the amount of rewards you get. This is just one of those things that will help you grow faster so you might as well do it.

You will need to come up with your own path pending on how you have your city is laid out, but make sure you can do it pretty quick because if you pause too long, it will stop the bonus count.


You will find this left of the Mansion/Casino in your city. In here, you want to plant and maintain the growth of the plants. Every 24 hours, the "bonus" plant changes and if you plant the one that is marked as the one that's going to get you the bonus, you should try to plant that.

On the right, you will see "Visit". Click on that and you will be able to go around and rob people of their plants. If you focus on the same pants that are the bonus plants, then you will get more coin for them.

Right under the visit is where you can get your free daily supply for seeds, and you can buy more if you want to.

Next, the Flower Warehouse & Seed Warehouse. This is where you will sell your flowers you gather/stole. You can set this to auto sell, or, you can stock pile the flowers. The Seed Warehouse is where you will see all your current seeds you own ATM.

Plantation Store. Here, you can buy boost and other things with the money you earned from selling the flowers. This does get refresh each day so buy out what you want and it will be available again the next day.

Last, your Guard Dog, make sure you feed him/her. You want the dog alert and protecting your garden.

Sports car

If you didn't know about this one, here is another way to get free boosters. Just follow these 2 steps and you will get some the free booster each day. And again, limited to a certain amount for each day.

  1. You want to start off by tapping on the car really fast while its parked in the driveway, eventually the gates on the Wall will open.
  2. Once gates open, tap really fast anywhere on the road and when the car gets tapped on, it will come to a stop. If you tap on the Red X mark in the image when the car is coming out, the car will stop and one of the working girls will get in. When the car is returning, if you tap on the Green X, same thing.

I believe you can do this around 10 times before it will give you the message you can not collect anymore today, but I have never counted and I keep forgetting to count to be able to accurately tell you. Maybe one day I will remember to count and I can update this page.


You will find these people walking around your city. If you tap on these people each day, they will provide you with some boosters. Once they are out and not giving up any more boosters, don't fear, they can still give up some money.


Every so often, you will see a skinnier guy walking around in a white sleeveless shirt carrying a shotgun. If you tap on him, he will drop a shotgun and you can go around killing all NPC's walking around your city, as well as the working girls, and they will drop a small stack of cash.

You can switch between using the shotgun and your fist by the icon button that appeared on the right of your screen. The shot gun will eventually disappear when you leave that screen


All day, you will have a woman run to your mansion asking for protection. Staying on top of this and collecting the protection bribe will earn you boosters. Definitely an easy one to get every day. On the left is a timer to the next protection. This varies on how many times you have done it in a row.

Crew Rank Up

This system allows you to use "Substance Z" that you find out in world by attacking the "Haunters", attacking the "Gunman" that gets placed by a R4 or R5 clan leader, and sometimes during certain events that go one periodically.

To use said "Substance Z" to rank up your crew members, you need to go into your turf and go to one of your camps, like your Biker Camp, Shooter Camp, ect..., and when you tap on it, you are displayed a bunch of options. One of them is going to look like Rankup image and you just click that, and in there, you just keep using your Substance Z to level up your crew.

I do highly recommend that you do a max of 10 each day for each crew, so you take advantage of the multiplier. I sometimes go days without ranking up just to save up enough Substance Z since the higher you are, the more you will use. Patience is key in this game.

Mercenary Exp.

If you're trying to level up your vigilante fighting the mercenaries that are on the map, one little trick is not to attack strong.

What I mean by that is, if you follow these 3 steps, you can get a lot more "500 Vigilante EXP" from one Mercenary than you probably are getting now.

Note: Only do this if you're trying to get the max "500 Vigilante EXP" as you can so you can level up your vigilantes that you own. Also, make sure you have plenty of "Energy Boosters" so you can hit many times

  1. You need to find the highest level mercenary that you can attack, that is also the closest. You can see that in images & .
  2. Now, when you go to attack, instead of attacking with a preset you set up for your normal attacks or attacking with what the system picked for you, just at the top, to the right of the slider, click the + once so it shows 1%.
  3. Click the "Attack button and repeat these steps as many times as you can.

Now, you may ask yourself, "What is the point of this? I can get more of everything going around hitting all the same level vigilantes around the map.", and you would be 100% correct. What this is doing, is taking the task you're setting up to do and cutting the time down by at least 50%. If you go at it where you use the same exact resources, meaning just energy boost, and you go head to head with one doing this trick vs just hitting full strength, They will have the same amount of "500 Vigilante EXP" in a fraction of the time. So overall, this trick is to get the most EXP as can be gained in the least amount of time expending only Energy boost. In the past week, I found this to have leveled up my vigilantes a lot faster and gives me more time to spend working on other things.

Clan Contribution & Property

When in a clan, trying to not only help your self, but everyone in your clan. You can do this by contributing to your clan to have buffs that affect everyone within the clan.

To do this by clicking the "Clan" button, , at the bottom right of your screen. Once in there, click the "Clan Contribute & Property", . Once in there, you will see a bunch of drop down drawers that are labled Recommended Properties, Investable Property, Grade 1 Property, ect..., which you should open up probably the recommended one and once open, select what ever property you want.

Now that your in there, you will see something like what you see in the section of that image. In that area, there are 3 buttons that you can click. The top one, (the Green button), is always just going ot be resources like money or cargo, where the bottom two which will be "Gold" color, will either cost gold or resources. Yes, the bottom buttons will invest more into your clan and also earn you more "Clan Honor", (which is used in the Clan Store as currency), they can cost you gold, so, only if your willing to use gold, if its asking for gold, then select them. They will light up at random and show you what it cost to use them randomly, so use caution there.

The Slammer

The Slammer is basically a prison with many floors. Each floor has three types of guards, (Easy, Normal, Hard). You will earn better rewards for fighting the harder guards. Each floor, you can pick and choose which level of guards to fight. The higher the floor, the harder the guards get.

Requirements are that you need your mansion at level 15 before this will unlock. If you lose during a battle, you have an option to forfeit, or spend 1000 gold to continue. This is up to you, but I would save the gold. You can try your skill at the slammer once a day, (unless you spend lots of gold).

Some tips I can give you are:

  1. Start off strong by playing the hardest skill level, pay close attention to how many deaths you get, and when it starts getting too high, switch to easy. When you loose, record what your last match was on and look at increasing the skills on both your vigilante, but also in your Investment Center and your Leader.
  2. After every battle, its best to heal your troops. The more troops you have for each wave, the better. The troops you loose in the game will not affect you at all in the main game so don't worry about loosing troops in this mini game
  3. Buy Buffs - If you have the gold to spend and you really want to get higher, then by all means, get the buffs, Pay close attention to their description and their life time, some only last 3 floors where others can be 6, 9, or 12. You can only buy one per 3 floors, and you can have a max of 3 going at one time if memory serves me right.

Wipe Out Function:
The "Wipe Out" button can be used to instantly reach your highest cleared floor in the week. However, each floor will cost you 5 energy to wipe out. Once the wipe you is completed, you will directly receive the corresponding reward and star points.

Kill Event

Kill Events

Kill Events, also known as "KE", tend to be the hardest for people to grasp. But here, I will explain what they are and how you can beat it.

First thing first, what is KE or Kill Event?
Well, it's an event that goes on for either one day, or, three days. As of now, the day that I am writing this, (Times & dates are to server time), (7/17/2019), the current schedule looks like this:

That image, you can see that we have a three day KE on a Friday, Saturday, and Sunday which is the last stage, (Stage 5/5 Killing Enemies), of the "Daily Crime Wave". Then on Monday, the City Contest starts, and we have that 1 day off, and they usually put a Cop Raid that can be held on that one day. Then after that, that Tuesday, we have another KE. This time you can see it only last for one day. After that, you have 9 days to rebuild, repair, build, and prepare for the next KE.
Just note, though the calendar shows it starts on friday, but for those that live in the States like I do, it will be eariler. East coast it starts at 8pm EDT Thursday. Server reset time is at UTC (GMT) 00:00:00 so thats why. By server time, it's midnight.

Well, you may wounder,
"What can I do to protect my self, so I don't get attacked each KE?"
Well, it's simple. You have several options and I will list them below along with the pros and cons of each.

  1. If you're not part of a clan, and you have teleports, use them.
    • Pro: Harder to track
    • Con: Can get pricey
  2. If you're part of a clan, and you have teleports, use them.
    • Pro: Harder to track
    • Con: Basically bailing on your team
  3. Join the biggest clan.
    • Pro: More opportunity to grow and less likely to be attacked.
    • Con: Expectations will be higher, more involvement, and when you do get attacked, it will be really harsh. Heck, you may be kicked and farmed if you're the smallest, and they need to make room for someone bigger.
  4. If you have Truce use them.
    • Pro: They come in many varieties, from an 8 hour, 24 hour, and a 3 day. This is the option I use and recommend, and there are FREE ways to get them for EVERY kill event. I will explain below.
    • Con: Requires 3500 gold every 2 weeks.
  5. Do absolutely nothing.
    • Pro: Requires no effort.
    • Con: You are viewed as poison to the clan. Allowing your self to be food is terrible, and as long as you allow your self to be food while being in a clan, you are seen as an asshole. Not going to sugar coat that one. Its just pure disrespectful laziness towards your clan which can lead up to your dismissal from the clan.

Out of those four options, the one I suggest is #4, and you can do this for free, if you play smart. You can easily make 3500 gold every 2 weeks as long as you don't spend it. Read more HERE to lean more about getting free gold.

City Contest

The city contest is basically an event that last for 5 days each week. A different contest will be held each day. Points are obtained by compleating the corresponding task.

Doing these events and compleating it each day will gain you Oath Gifts. Oath Gifts are the things you see in City Chat where if you click on it fast enough, you will get free gold. These things are collected after you compleate all the stages of the City Contest. The final rewards look something like this: CLICK ME. Another thing to know is that the higher rank you are in the daily task, can earn you additional rewards. If you get in the top 3 for the daily event, you can get that 2000k Oath Token/s.

The way you would view it is to click on the Event Center button, (Look at image ), then once in there, Click on the "Limited Event", then scroll down to the "City Contest", (See it in image ). It's as easy as that.

Only when each leader individual points and city points have reached the specified amount, will you be able to collect the corresponding reward. If you look at the images, look at the one marked by a , you will see that each stage was completed, and once each one is compleated, you click on the gift box on the right and collect.

Now, to know what your task is, you just need to click on the exclamation point you see in the image marked , at the bottom to the far right of where it says Points Rewards. When you click that, you will see info like you would see in the image marked . There, you can see that you need to Gather either cash, cargo, gold, arms, or metal. Each one will give its own points, but they are all pretty much the same, for Example, you see gather 1 god from a bank gets you 24000 points, but it takes 1 hour to gather 3 gold, so that's only 72000 points. Where with arms, using a gathering bonus, you can get 10, 440 per hour, so that times 6 gives you, 62,640 per hour.

(Note, different bonuses you have will give different numbers, but, you can do the math to figure out what's best for you to loot.)

Daily Crime Wave

If you break it down, the Daily Crive Wave, (DCW), is not much different from the City Contest. The differences are minor with 3 exceptions.

  1. In the DCW here, we don't get any Oath Tokens, but instead, earn Gold.
  2. In the DCW here, we have a 3 day Kill Event that starts on a Friday, and runds till the end of Sunday, (server time).
  3. The DCW shows up in the Perminate Event tab where the other is the the Limited Event tab.

Overall, this is a good way to help earn gold for the Kill Events if you want to use Truces to protect your self. You can earn the 3500 gold pretty much just doing this to buy the 3 day and the 1 day Truces for the 2 upcoming KE. To learn more about the Kill Events, visit that section HERE.

Attacking & Farming


As in numerous other strategy games such as Dawn of Titans or Mobile Strike, you must first build an army before you can attack. In Mafia City, your army consists of Bikers, Gunslingers, Berserkers, various vehicles, ect...

Since you select the target of your attack, either it be another players headquarters or a PvE entity on the map, you determine how many of your units will go. Your unit size, (how many you can attack with), is determined by the level of your "Diner". After that, you just wait until the job is done and the loot is brought back.

It's best to spy on the player before you go an attack for his forces might be much stronger than yours and you may just end up loosing. Also, before attacking, if that player is an a clan, just know that you may be starting a war between you and that clan. So always keep that in mind before attacking random people.


This is a term generally used when your gather resources outside your headquarters. Like mentioned before, I will not go over about setting up secondary accounts, but I will go over gathering from Environmental resources. But just for context, I will first mention how this relates to other accounts.

When saying you have farm accounts or this alliance is a farm, its generally speaking that either they own those bases and set them up to produce mostly one specific resource, and they raid it daily/weekly, so they can get the most amount of resources that they can from each secondary account. They would more and likely sent up an account for each of the different resources. But when they talk about another alliance, it's generally a weaker clan, or a non-active clan that they just hit daily/weekly to get a bit more resource. In layman terms, you bully the weak and steal their resources.

Now, when talking about farming in the sense using the environmental resources, well, those are the resource buildings all over the map, might it be for Counterfeiter, Cargo, Weaponry, Smelter, and, if you can find them, Banks that give you gold. Each place will only give you X amounts of resources depending on its level. So its best to go with the higher level to be able to get the most out of your time. But when farming those, its just mostly sending your troops to as many as your crime ops will allow, then when one is done, you go to another.

Free Gold

Free Gold & How to get it

Well, if your coming here to see if I tell you about this glorious cheat or hack that allows you to get free gold, well, you can just get lost for I don't roll that way. Also, only an idiot would try using one of those "Web Based Generators" for they are fake and more and likely fishing sites or just scam sites. I personally have developed some web based security in the past and can tell you that you're just asking for trouble with those.

Now, if you want to get free gold legitimately, well continue reading and you will find out.

First one, well this one requires involvement into all the quest/contest you can do. City Contest is one of those where you can make all the gold you need for the event, depending on how well you do on each phase. But if you go through those "Limited Events" and "Permanent Events" in your Event Center, you will find a few ways to earn gold.

Another way is by people using their Oath Tokens. If you spend some time on City Chat, you will eventually see something like this:

When you see that, you have to be quick, but you click on it, then you will see another button and you click that. If you're fast enough, you can get some free gold. In a few hours during a few spam sessions of people giving those away, I have been able to get me about 1K in gold. I have heard of others getting double or almost triple that.

Another way to get free gold is by attacking Street Ops. They are not consistent and you may do a hundred attacks, and only get a few hundred gold, so it's not really a great option, but is another way nonetheless.

The last "Free" way of getting gold off the top of my head is through the casino. In there, you use your chips to spin. What I do is when it gets me into the "Lucky poker", If I don't see 2k gold in there, I just do my 1 free pick then back out and spin until I get a 2k, then, I will use my Advanced Chips. To get Advanced Chips, I recommend getting them from your Plantation Store once your store makes them available. You can also get them from your clan doing well in the Cop Raid events.

What it really comes down to, is if you choose the option that I suggest, you need to put in some effort, but it can be done for free.

Another way is just to buy some packs and get the gold, but that requires you spending money. Every so often, you can find packs that go on sale for about a dollar, (Value differs depending on your currency).

Overall, there are a bunch of ways to get free gold, you just need to go get it and be active to do it you want it for free.

If you do decided to go with my option on using gold to buy truces, and aren't sure where to buy the truce, well, just go into the store. I know some of you are new and don't know where that its, so I will tell you. At the bottom of your screen, you should see an "Items" button, well, click it. At the top of your items page, you will see a button that says "Store", go in there and you can find the Truce under the "War" tab.

Don't buy the 8 hour, just the 24 hour and the 3 day. Like I said before, you only need one of each of those every two weeks for the Kill Event.


How to obtain & upgrade

Before anything, I've been asked this, "How to view vigilantes". When in your Turf, just go to your "Family Club". Otherwise, go in your inventory and click on a fragment you have.

Vigilantes are one of the major components of the game that some people may get confused a bit about, mostly on how to obtain them. There are several ways of getting the vigilante fragments needed to get or star up your vigilante.

  1. You can buy with real world money to get the fragments.
  2. You can obtain them from doing certain events.
  3. You can obtain some from the Plantation Store
  4. Check the special packs that you can purchase by clicking on the icon usually under your gold amount. Sometimes in there, you will find "FREE" stuff.
Let me clarify some of those. The special events that you do can sometimes net you Vigilante Fragment Coupons that can be redeemed for Vigilante fragments. There are usually going to be a 5 coupon to 1 fragment exchange for the higher up vigilantes to a 3 to 1 exchange for the weaker vigilantes.

To unlock and get the first star will require 600 fragments for that vigilante. Then for the second star, it will cost a bit more fragments, 600 to be exact. Then you will need 1500 more for the 3 star and so on.
Each star up unlocks a new power-up to that vigilante. Each power-up is good in their own ways, some for gathering, some for defense, and others for attacking. When choosing what vigilantes that you want to use for attacking, or defending your turf, reading what unlocks you have is the best way to help you make that decision.

Now, vigilante sets are like the equipment that you make for your self, but geared for your vigilante. This again is made using gems and the higher the level, the better the perks are. These can also be found from time to time for purchase with real world money in packs, but currently, the only free way that I know of is by you making them with gems.

Miscellaneous Tips

Some other things to do are as follows.

  • After every battle, its best to heal your troops just in case of an attack on you.
  • Make sure you're upgrading your Diner to be able to send more troops into battle.
  • Upgrade your hospital so you can heal more troops at one time.
  • Complete all the daily tasks you can to get more booster.
  • Probably one of the most important ones is to ALWAYS build troops. Just keep building them.
  • While in a clan, if you see this button, help clan members Click it. This helps your fellow members build by knocking off some time, and they will do the same for you, hopefully.
  • If you're going to buy packs, look for the sales. I believe each week, they have a sale that is for $.99 USD which usually comes with decent boosters and gold amounts.

There will be more added to this in due time.